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Playlist: The Very Best of the Box Tops

  • Kategorie: Soul & R&B
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Künstler: The Box Tops
Label: Sony Music
Label: BMG


The 14-cut 2013 budget-line compilation Playlist does indeed contain every one of the Box Tops big hits -- "The Letter," "Cry Like a Baby," "Neon Rainbow," "Soul Deep," "Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March" -- but it also does a good job of combing through the group's album tracks and selecting some of their better tunes, such as "I Met Her in Church" and "You Keep Tightening Up on Me." Certainly, this isn't as comprehensive as the 18-track 1996 CD The Best of the Box Tops, but it has all the necessary songs, suggests the band's range, and has the added bonus of being in print, so it'll satisfy the curious and casual fan alike. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine