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From a Distant Shore

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Komponist: James Wilkinson
Künstler: James Wilkinson


Guitarist for the Celtic band Rua, New Zealander James Wilkinson steps out on his own with this altogether delightful and beautifully recorded 2000 release. Not just another solo acoustic guitar exposition, Wilkinson takes the listener on an illusory excursion to parts unknown as he merges homespun balladry with ethnocentric themes and clever employment of harmonics throughout these ten intriguing compositions. The guitarist occasionally taps his strings along the fretboard, which produces a semblance of meter and balance amid nimble picking and delicate patterns as he also pursues intricate and often-harmonious frameworks. And while many of these pieces contain memorable melodies, the guitarist will also deviate from the straight and narrow via his unique chord voicings and interesting tunings. Simply put, Wilkinson excels as a tunesmith while providing a mini-clinic, as he seizes your attention through his ambient yet flowing sequences of endearing statements and artfully constructed motifs. No doubt, James Wilkinson is a master craftsman who produces fascinating music for the mind, soul, and serious students of the guitar. ~ Glenn Astarita