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Komponist: LISZT U.A.
Künstler: DIVERSE
Komponist: HÄNDEL
Komponist: BACH
Komponist: BRAHMS
Künstler: Winkler
Künstler: Kircheis
Künstler: Metz
Komponist: Various
Label: Edeltone
Künstler: The Impressions


There are so many good Impressions compilations that this 14-tracker will probably fall through the cracks. However, the reverent title will ensure some sales, as will the inclusion of a trio of songs not normally found on these sets -- "Something Said Love," "Whatever It Is," and "I Can't Make It Go Away" -- which are all rare non-Mayfield compositions. The others (except "Gypsy Woman," the only selection featuring the Impressions as a quintet) are from their glory years at the ABC-Paramount label, when Curtis wrote 'em and Johnny Pate babied 'em with luxurious, sophisticated arrangements. ~ Andrew Hamilton