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Billie Holiday 1935-1938


Komponist: HOLIDAY Billie
Künstler: Billie Holiday
Label: Pearl Flapper


Most of these 20 songs from the mid-to-late-'30s are nothing short of high-water marks in jazz. The 1930s were as tumultuous as any other decade in the brief, troubled life of Billie Holiday, but it was a time when her career was very much on the rise. In the songs she recorded during this period, her legendary voice is strong and pure, undiminished by the ravages of hard living that would end her life prematurely. Backed by such sympathetic saxophone players as Lester Young and Johnny Hodges, Holiday sings popular songs of the day like "Pennies From Heaven" and "Summertime" with an effortless authority, making them all her own. She could take the relatively lightweight lyrics of "When You're Smiling" and give them unexpected depth and emotion. And when she sings of love--whether the promise of new love as on "I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me" or the starry-eyed swoon of "He's Funny That Way," she conveys the fleeting joy of the emotion as well as its fragility and inevitable sad ending.