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Live in Denmark 1976

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Künstler: Sweet
Label: ZYX Music


By 1976, the Sweet's chart career was already receding behind them, while they battled to be taken seriously as an album's-orientated band. It was a conceit, of course, that history merely laughs at, but the fact of the matter is, they put on an excellent show. Opening with the traditional curtain raiser "Ballroom Blitz," the band slam through three albums' worth of hard-hitting rock, and only occasionally do they graze the hits. "Blockbuster" is served up within a medley headlined by "Burning" and "Someone Else Will," and while "The Six Teens," "Action," and "Fox on the Run" all make it into the last third of the show, they're scarcely "Little Willy," are they? Besides, the real meat lies in the songs that proved the Sweet were something more than a pop machine -- "Restless," "Cockroach," "AC DC," "Turn It Down" -- this is the Sweet at their brain-charring peak, and in the world of glam-era live albums, there's no better representation of a group going hell for leather to escape that terminology. ~ Dave Thompson