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Joseph Joseph Snackschale Double Dish

Mehrfach-Schale, grau/weiss

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Produkttyp: Snackschale, Unterteilungsmöglichkeit, Farbe: Weiss, Grau, Form: Rund, Material: Kunststoff, Verpackungseinheit: 1 Stück, beinhaltet zwei Schüsseln welche ineinander stapelbar sind
Double Dish™ provides the perfect solution to the problem of serving snacks such as olives and pistachio nuts, with their inedible stones and shells. Its unique design comprises of a serving dish sitting on top of a larger collection bowl, curved outwards in three places to allow the disposal of unsightly food waste. As well as hiding any waste from view, Double Dish™ eliminates the need for additional empty bowls on the table. Made from 100% melamine, the two bowls can also be used for serving other snacks.


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Joseph Joseph Double Dish