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Philips EyeCare Tischleuchte Lamina schwarz

67423/31/16, LED

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Schutzklasse: IP20, Leuchten Kategorie: Tischleuchten, Betriebsart: Netzbetrieb, Leuchten Design: Modern, Leuchtmittel: LED, Lampensockel: LED fest verbaut, Dimmbar, Zusätzliche Ausstattung: Ein/Aus-Schalter, Lampenlebensdauer bis zu 15.000 Std
Easy on your eyes Helps you stay focused Simple and fuss free in design, the Philips EyeCare Lamina desk lamp is designed to provide optimal eye comfort while doing your work. The high quality LED emits plenty of cool white light that helps you stay focused. Optimal eye comfort - Customized optics for even light distribution; - Designed to reduce glare and eyestrain. Helps you stay focused - Cool daylight ideal for focus and concentration. Create ideal light setting - Tap on/off switch. Even light distribution With the customized optics in Philips EyeCare desk lamps, you get light that is diffused and evenly distributed across your workspace. This reduces uneven lighting or dazzle, which normally leads to tired eyes and general eye fatigue. Cool daylight Various findings have pointed out that a cool daylight color temperature of 5500K and up to 1000 lux promotes concentration by maintaining energy levels and alertness with natural light levels. Tap on/off switch Easy to use, this Philips EyeCare desk lamp switches on at a gentle tap of the finger. Simply tap to switch on and off.


Technische Angaben:
Philips Table lamp, Eyecare. Colour of product: Black, Material: Synthetics, International Protection (IP) code: IP20. Bulb type: LED, Included bulb power: 3 W, Colour temperature: 5500 K. Suitable for light type: Orientation. Power source type: AC, AC input voltage: 220-240 V, AC input frequency: 50/60 Hz. Height: 41 cm, Width: 16 cm, Weight: 1.25 kg