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CD 1

1) Green Light (03:55) Lorde

2) Sober (03:20) Lorde

3) Homemade Dynamite (03:10) Lorde

4) The Louvre (04:31) Lorde

5) Liability (02:52) Lorde

6) Hard Feelings/Loveless (06:07) Lorde

7) Sober II (Melodrama) (02:59) Lorde

8) Writer In The Dark (03:37) Lorde

9) Supercut (04:39) Lorde

10) Liability (Reprise) (02:16) Lorde

11) Perfect Places (03:42) Lorde


Mit ihrem Debütalbum "Pure Heroine" (2013) und Singles wie "Royals", "Tennis Court" und "Team" wurde die damals 16-jährige Lorde zum internationalen Shootingstar und räumte direkt zwei Grammy Awards ab. "Pure Heroine" stürmte in mehr als 28 Ländern die Top15 der Albumcharts und verkaufte sich weltweit mehr als 4 Millionen Mal. In Deutschland schaffte Lorde es sowohl mit "Royals" als auch mit dem Track "Team" in die Top10 der Single Charts, "Tennis Court" schoss in die Top20.

Ein paar Hinweise hatte sie in den letzten Wochen bereits im Netz gestreut, Fans und Medien zelebrierten ihre Vorfreude wie u.a. Noisey: "Die einzige Rückkehr, die dieses Jahr zählt, ist Lordes".

Jetzt ist es offiziell: Lorde meldet sich mit ihrer neuen Single "Green Light" zurück und liefert den Vorboten auf ihr zweites Album "Melodrama" ab.


Growing up in public has been a rite of passage for pop stars since at least Frank Sinatra but, as with any classic storyline, what matters is the execution. Lorde, the preternaturally talented New Zealand singer/songwriter who became an international sensation at the age of 17, knows how to execute not only songwriting and public narrative but also a melding of the two. Melodrama, arriving nearly four long years after her 2013 debut, picks up the thread left hanging on Pure Heroine, presenting Lorde as a young woman, not a sullen teenager. Tonally and thematically, it's a considerable shift from Pure Heroine, and Melodrama feels different musically too, thanks in part to Lorde's decision to collaborate with Jack Antonoff, the leader of Fun. and Bleachers who has been nearly omnipresent in 2010s pop/rock. Antonoff's steely signatures -- a reliance on retro synths, a sheen so glassy it glares -- are all over the place on Melodrama but Lorde is unquestionably the auteur of the album, not just because the songs tease at autobiography but because of how it builds upon Pure Heroine. Lorde retains her bookish brooding, but Melodrama isn't monochromatic. "Green Light" opens the proceedings with a genuine sense of exuberance and it's an emotion she returns to often, sometimes reveling in its joy, sometimes adding an undercurrent of melancholy. Sadness bubbles to the surface on occasion, as it does on the stark "Liability," and so does Lorde's penchant for blunt literalism -- "Writer in the Dark," where our narrator sings "bet you rue the day you kissed a writer in the dark," thereby suggesting all of her songs are some kind of autobiography -- but these traits don't occupy the heart of the album. Instead, Lorde is embracing all the possibilities the world has to offer but then retreating to the confines of home, so she can process everything she's experienced. This balance between discovery and reflection gives Melodrama a tension, but the addition of genuine, giddy pleasure -- evident on the neon pulse of "Homemade Dynamite" and "Supercut" -- isn't merely a progression for Lorde, it's what gives the album multiple dimensions. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine


Autor Lorde

Künstler Lorde

Label Republic

Label Virgin EMI



GTIN 0602557547092

Veröffentlichungsdatum 16.06.2017

Anzahl Disks 1

Sprache Englisch

Produkttyp CD

Anzahl Tracks 11

Größe 144 x 125 x 6  mm

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Melodrama, 1 Audio-CD


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