TESA Protect Filzgleiter für Möbel Rund 9 Stück(e)

von TESA - Verkauft von Dodax
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TESA TESA Protect Filzgleiter für Möbel Rund 9 Stück(e)
TESA - TESA Protect Filzgleiter für Möbel Rund 9 Stück(e)

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tesa® Protect Anti-scratch felts are a highly versatile means for scratch protection and noise reduction. Cut a piece at the required size to keep furniture from scratching your valuable parquet. Attach a round felt pad onto the legs of chairs for effective and durable floor protection. Use them on vases, decorative objects and anything you want to put on a sideboard without damaging its valuable surface. Mount them under the speakers of your entertainment system to improve the sound quality and keep them from producing structure-borne noise. - Protects wood, glass, parquet, laminate and tiles - Pre-cut in different sizes or cut to size - Available in white and brown Round pads or rectangular mats Perfectly matching all kinds of materials, tesa® Protect Anti-scratch felts do not only come in black or white. They are also available as round pads in three sizes or large rectangular mats for individual cutting. Equipped with a self-adhesive backing they will stick onto almost any flat and sufficiently smooth surface. Highly versatile furniture gliders tesa® Protect Anti-scratch felts are gentle to valuable surfaces and an ideal means to prevent unwanted scratches. They make perfect gliders particularly for chairs, small pieces of furniture and decorative objects. Use them to prevent scratches on tables and other pieces of furniture with sensitive surfaces. Floor protection made easy tesa® Protect Anti-scratch felts are simply an ideal means for the protection of parquet floors against scratches. Stick one of these felt pads onto each leg of your chairs and you will not have to worry about damaging your floor anymore. Stick a square of a suitable size under a small piece of furniture and you can move it for cleaning without having to worry about scratches. A simple means for better sound The loudspeakers of your entertainment system use vibrating cones to transform electric signals into audible sound waves. But they also produce a considerable amount of structure-born sound that is transferred to the floor and can be heard by your neighbor living below you. Attaching four pads of tesa® Protect Anti-scratch felt at the bottom of your speakers will absorb a great amount of unwanted vibrations – for you to enjoy the pure sound of music without disturbing any neighbours.


Technische Angaben TESA Protect. Produktfarbe: Schwarz, Form: Rechteckig. Durchmesser: 2,6 cm

Merkmale TESA Protect. Produktfarbe: Braun, Form: Rund. Durchmesser: 2,6 cm. Menge pro Packung: 9 Stück(e)



GTIN 04042448885043

Erscheinungsdatum 03.04.2015

Produktgewicht 20 g

Farbe Braun

Herstellernummer 57894-00001-00

CHF 4.95
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