Frontiers in Sensing

From Biology to Engineering
von Friedrich G. Barth - Verkauft von Dodax
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Friedrich G. Barth Frontiers in Sensing
Friedrich G. Barth - Frontiers in Sensing

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Biological sensory systems, fine-tuned to their specific tasks with remarkable perfection, have an enormous potential for technical, industrial, and medical applications. This applies to sensors specialized for a wide range of energy forms such as optical, mechanical, electrical, and magnetic, to name just a few.
This book brings together first-hand knowledge from the frontiers of different fields of research in sensing. It aims to promote the interaction between biologists, engineers, physicists, and mathematicians and to pave the way for innovative lines of research and cross-disciplinary approaches. The topics presented cover a broad spectrum ranging from energy transformation and transduction processes in animal sensing systems to the fabrication and application of bio-inspired synthetic sensor arrays. The various contributions are linked by the similarity of what sensing has to accomplish in both biology and engineering.


Biological sensing organs have - due to their optimized specialization throughout evolution - an enormous potential for technical, industrial and medical applications. This applies to sensors specialized for different forms of energy such as optical, electrical, magnetic, mechanical and chemical to name a few of them.
This book brings together the first hand knowledge of the frontiers of research in their respective specialization, namely biology, engineering, physical sciences and mathematics opening the way for new research strategies and ways of thinking. The specific topics cover a broad spectrum ranging from biological sensing systems of various organisms, processes of energy transformation and transduction to sensor array fabrication and application. These different fields are linked and glued together by what a sensory system has to accomplish, both in biology and engineering.


Herausgeber Joseph A. C. Humphrey

Herausgeber Friedrich G. Barth

Herausgeber Mandyam V. Srinivasan



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CHF 187.15
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