Transphobic Hate Crime

von Joanna Jamel
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Joanna Jamel Transphobic Hate Crime
Joanna Jamel - Transphobic Hate Crime

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This book uniquely combines a critical examination of the extent and diversity of transphobic hate crime together with a consideration of the victims and offenders. Trans people are marginalised in society and already negotiate complex physical and emotional challenges in order to live authentically in accordance with their self-identified gender presentation. Transphobic hate crime has devastating consequences both for the victim and trans people more generally by reinforcing the female/male binary and punishing gender non-conformity. In this thought-provoking study Jamel examines the history, extent, nature, and victim-offender relationship regarding these crimes whilst also considering the obstacles which affect legislation and policy-making decisions in response to hate crimes against trans people. The concept of a single transgender community is also critiqued in this book by exploring the diversity of trans identities cross-culturally. This original and timely book provides students, academics and those developing an interest in the topic with an understanding of the complexities of transphobic hate crime within the wider context of gender studies and critical criminology.


Joanna Jamel

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Examines five aspects of trans hate crime, including: prevalence, nature, the offender-victim relationship, policing and responses
Provides recommendations to inform practice on to improve the experiences of transgendered and gender non-conforming individuals
Guides uninitiated students and academics through the complexities of understanding this type of global hate crime
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Springer International Publishing
Dr Joanna Jamel is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Kingston University, London, UK.
"Transphobic Hate Crime succeeds in being a lucid read that lays the groundwork for placing violence against the transgender community on par with ethnicity, caste and religion-based hate crime, both legally and socially." (Ankita Gandhi, Jindal Global Law Review, May 7, 2020)
"Dr Joanna Jamel's Transphobic Hate Crime is a timely contribution to hate crime literature. ... The strength of this work lies in its capacity to move between disciplines, covering criminology, anthropology, socio-politics, legislative analysis, and queer and gender theory." (Olivia Ronan, Current Issues in Criminal Justice, Vol. 29 (03), 2018)


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