Design in Educational Technology - Design Thinking, Design Process, and the Design Studio

von Springer International Publishing
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Springer International Publishing Design in Educational Technology - Design Thinking, Design Process, and the Design Studio
Springer International Publishing - Design in Educational Technology - Design Thinking, Design Process, and the Design Studio

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This book is the result of a research symposium sponsored by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology [AECT]. The fifteen chapters were developed by leaders in the field and represent the most updated and cutting edge methodology in the areas of instructional design and instructional technology. The broad concepts of design, design thinking, the design process, and the design studio, are identified and they form the framework of the book. This book advocates the conscious adoption of a mindset of design thinking, such as that evident in a range of divergent professions including business, government, and medicine. At its core is a focus on “planning, inventing, making, and doing.” (Cross, 1982), all of which are of value to the field of educational technology. Additionally, the book endeavors to develop a deep understanding of the design process in the reader. It is a critical skill, often drawing from other traditional design fields. An examination of the design process as practiced, of new models for design, and of ways to connect theory to the development of educational products are all fully explored with the goal of providing guidance for emerging instructional designers and deepening the practice of more advanced practitioners. Finally, as a large number of leading schools of instructional design have adopted the studio form of education for their professional programs, we include this emerging topic in the book as a practical and focused guide for readers at all levels.

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X, 273 p. 27 illus., 6 illus. in color.
Introduction1) Design, Designers and Reflection-in-Action2) Eight Views of Instructional Design and What They Should Mean to Instructional Designers3) Critical Issues in Studio Pedagogy: Beyond the Mystique and Down to Business4) In Education We All Want to Be Nice: Lessons Learned from a Multidisciplinary Design Studio5) Instructional Design in a Studio Environment: What Happens When Design Meets Hollywood?6) Understanding and Examining Design in Action with Cultural Historical Activity Theory7) Instructional Design Cases: Documenting precedent in instructional design8) The Many Facets of Design and Research in Instructional Design9) Reconceptualizing Instructional Message Design: Toward the Development of a New Guiding Framework10) Development of Design Judgment in Instructional Design: Perspectives from Instructors, Students and Instructional Designers11) Ethics as Design: Rethinking Professional Ethics as Part of the Design Domain12) EDISYS: A Tool for Enhancing Design Inquiry Systems13) Design-Thinking for Engineering Quality Instructional Design Processes Through Leadership Competencies and Modeling14) Design Thinking and Higher Education Administration15) The Half-Known World
Hokanson, Brad;Hokanson
Gibbons, Andrew;Gibbons
Explores the diverse field of design and design thinking for educational technology

Contains application-ready ideas for the field of instructional design

Examines the design studio-- a growing method in educational technology--closely

Includes supplementary material:

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Springer International Publishing

From the book reviews:

"This is a well thought out and very consistently edited work that adds to the conversation that forms the field of instructional design and educational technology. ... As a new designer, you might find opportunities to expand your practice; if experienced, you will find affirmation of much of your past practice and opportunities to explore new ideas for future projects. I am sure this book will add value to your collection of ID / learning technology volumes." (Diane P. Janes, British Journal of Educational Technology, Vol. 46 (1), 2015)

This book, based on a symposium sponsored by AECT, offers cutting edge methodology in instructional design and technology. Examines the design process in current practics, new models for design and ways to connect theory to development of educational products.


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