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"Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together." - Elizabeth Taylor Lipstick is the one makeup item most women can't live without - and its most iconic shade is a powerful one: red. Red lips have been in fashion for more than 5,000 years, beginning with Mesopotamian women around 3500 B.C.; red lipstick has been a signature look worn by royalty, celebrities, and real women across cultures and geography ever since. In fact, almost all women own a tube of red lipstick, whether they've been dedicated to wearing the same shade daily for decades or wear it only on special occasions. The size of a clutch, with a jacket printed with a matte, velvet, red finish and filled with a show-stopping selection of images, Red Lipstick is a highly covetable and readily affordable book. The only volume on the market to examine the longstanding history and enduring allure of its subject, it explores red lipstick's alternate association over the centuries with aristocracy, sex appeal, illicit sexuality, rebellion, power, glamour, fame, and beauty, all the while pointing to a fascinating array of women who have worn it through the ages, including monarchs, suffragettes, flappers, working women in World War II, first ladies, political leaders, geishas, Hollywood sirens, rock and rollers, fashionistas, and beyond. The book includes revelations - like the scientific proof that red lipstick makes women more attractive to others, with comments from the scientists who have studied it - to tips from world-renowed makeup artists such as Dick Page and Troy Surratt on how to choose the most perfect shade of crimson. There are fun facts about red lipstick - like details on the shade Carolyn Bessette Kennedy wore to her wedding - throughout. The author has had unprecedented access to experts and the archives of revered brands like Chanel and Elizabeth Arden in creating the book. Readers will love the stellar array of fine art within, including Man Ray's infamous painting Les Amoreaux, lush, rarely seen vintage magazine advertisements from stalwart brands like Guerlain and Dior, illustrations by renowned fashion illustrators such as René Gruau, and images of famous red lipstick wearers, such as Marilyn Monroe, Paloma Picasso, Queen Elizabeth II, and many others. With its captivating, chic design, beautiful selection of visuals, and engaging, entertaining text, Red Lipstick is a classic, like the perfect red lip shade itself.


Red Lipstick is a beautifully designed gem that will delight lipstick lovers of all ages. Written by widely published beauty writer Rachel Felder, it is jam-packed with informative, entertaining text, little-known facts, quotes, and more than 100 gorgeous images culled from fine art, photography, as well as beauty and fashion editorial and advertising.



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Red Lipstick

An Ode to a Beauty Icon

Rachel Felder

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