Rāshid al-Ghannūshi̇̄ - A Key Muslim Thinker of the 21st Century

von Mohammad Dawood Sofi
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Mohammad Dawood Sofi Rāshid al-Ghannūshi̇̄ - A Key Muslim Thinker of the 21st Century
Mohammad Dawood Sofi - Rāshid al-Ghannūshi̇̄ - A Key Muslim Thinker of the 21st Century

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This book discusses various dynamic facets of the life of Rāshid al-Ghannūshi̇̄, a distinguished Islamic thinker and activist not only in Tunisia and North Africa, but in the entire Muslim world. It especially focuses on those aspects related to his intellectual understanding and response to a number of critical contemporary issues. In the 21st Century, Rāshid al-Ghannūshi̇̄ is considered as the most moderate among the Muslim thinkers and intellectuals, particularly when it comes to the question of Islam-democracy compatibility and power sharing theory. This book also offers an account of a previously little known, yet much talked about Muslim voice in the post-Arab Spring era.  It further shows how the intellectual Muslim thinkers’ own perspectives and expectations from Islamic movement(s) and their interaction with the ‘western oriented local leadership’, as well as their (secular) policies color their understanding of Islam and various other major issues.



Mohammad Dawood Sofi

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Chapter 1 Introduction.- Chapter 2 Life and Character: From Birth to the Formation of a Social Reformer.- Chapter 3 Post-Independent Tunisian Atmosphere and the Emergence of a Social Reformer.- Chapter 4 Towards an Exploration of Works of Rāshid al-Ghannūshi̇̄.- Chapter 5 Rāshid al-Ghannūshi̇̄’s Approach to Islam-West Relationship and Human Rights.- Chapter 6 Rāshid al-Ghannūshi̇̄ on Islam-Democracy and Power Sharing Debate.- Chapter 7 Conclusion.

“This is a fine work that sheds light on the compatibility of Islam and such notions as democracy, transparency and human rights with a particular reference to Tunisian political thinker and activist Rashid al-Gannushi. The book is very timely contribution to the existing literature given the recent success of al-Nahda, a movement led by al-Gannushi, in Tunisia after the revolt in 2011 in the political landscape.”  (Cenap Çakmak, Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Turkey)
“Mohammad Dawood Sofi provides important insights into the particular ideological and intellectual evolution of Al-Nahda's ideologue and thinker, Rashid al-Gannushi, and shows how he has engaged with democratic politics.” (Anne Wolf, University of Oxford, UK)

“The work of Mohammad Dawood Sofi is a well-researched narrative that provides a detailed account about life, legacy, and intellectual development of Rashid al-Gannushi, a key contemporary Tunisian activist and thinker. While analyzing some of the vital issues such as Islam-West engagement and democracy, Mohammad Dawood explains how diverse influences developed and matured Gannushi’s ideology.” (Abdul Majid Khan, Aligarh Muslim University, India)
“The study is a timely and a significant contribution that highlights some concrete reflections regarding the intellectual activism of Rashid al-Ghannushi̇. Besides studying different biographical phases of Ghannushi, the book opens up our comprehension about his intellectual development, precision, and response to the various contemporary challenges. From issues about Islam-West relationship and Human Rights to Islam-Democracy compatibility or incompatibility and Power Sharing Theory, the book explores the powerful narrative and idea of this famous contemporary Tunisian Muslim thinker.” (Sayyid Muhammad Yunus Gilani, International Islamic University, Malaysia)

Discusses the life, legacy, thoughts and contribution of Rashid al-Ghannushi?¯?an eminent and a distinguished Tunisian Islamic thinker and activist.

Explores Ghannushi?¯'s powerful narrative and approach to Islam-West relationships, human rights and to the crucial issues of Islam-democracy (in)compatibility and the power sharing debate

Raises fundamental questions related to Ghannushi?¯'s activism regarding its response to the contemporary challenges and reformation of Tunisian society

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Springer Singapore
Mohammad Dawood Sofi is currently serving as post-doc fellow in the Faculty of Political Science, Ankara Beyazit Yildirm University, Turkey. He holds PhD in Islamic Studies, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Aligarh, India (2016) on the topic “Contemporary Challenges to Islam: A Critique of Al-Nahda”. He is also a Member of Board of Reviewers of Al-Idah, University of Peshawar, Pakistan.
His major areas of interest include: Islamic history and sciences; modern Islamic movements; contemporary trends in Islamic reformist thought; and Middle Eastern politics, especially in Tunisia.


"Dawood's Rashid al-Ghannushi A Key Muslim Thinker of the 21st Century is a perceptive addition to previous works on Ghannouchi; an interesting and thought-provoking work that will prove helpful for everyone, and anyone, interested in knowing the life, works, activities, thought, and 'transformations' of Ghannouchi from an 'Islamist' activist to a moderate political leader and thinker. Or in a nutshell, it is clear-cut read on the thought, legacy and activities of Ghannouchi from a 'Democrat within Islamism' to a 'Muslim Democrat'." (Tauseef Ahmad Parray, Oracle Opinions, oracleopinions.com, September, 2018)
1st ed. 2018


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