Universalizing Nuclear Nonproliferation Norms - A Regional Framework for the South Asian Nuclear Weapon States

von Adil Sultan
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Adil Sultan Universalizing Nuclear Nonproliferation Norms - A Regional Framework for the South Asian Nuclear Weapon States
Adil Sultan - Universalizing Nuclear Nonproliferation Norms - A Regional Framework for the South Asian Nuclear Weapon States

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This book suggests a new bargain between the NPT nuclear weapon states and the non-NPT nuclear weapons possessor states, mainly India and Pakistan, through a regional arrangement to help move towards universalization of the nuclear nonproliferation regime. The author analyses nuclear proliferation drivers to understand why states acquire and justify possession of nuclear weapons even though most nuclear weapon states no longer are faced with an existential threat to their national security. This study also identifies various challenges being faced by the NPT based nuclear nonproliferation regime, which if left unaddressed, could unravel the nonproliferation regime. It also offers the history of confidence building measures between India and Pakistan, which could be a useful reference for negotiating a Regional Nonproliferation Regime (RNR) in the future. 


Adil Sultan

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XII, 158 p.
1. Introduction                                                                                                                

2. South Asian proliferation puzzle                                                                         

3. The nuclear nonproliferation regime                                                                      

4. Pakistan and India’s approaches towards arms control and disarmament   

5. Technology Control Regimes (TCRs)                                                                          

6. Nuclear Governance in South Asia                                                                    

7. Nuclear confidence building measures (CBMs) in South Asia                                   

8. Regional Non-Proliferation Regime (RNR)                                                                 


“Adil Sultan’s Regional Nonproliferation Regime proposal is worthy of serious debate.” (Michael Krepon, Co-founder, The Stimson Center, USA)
“Given his military background, long association with and insight into the policy making processes and his sound academic credentials Sultan is eminently qualified…The book adds an important new dimension to the existing literature dealing with non-proliferation issues and would be of great value to scholars and students of International Affairs and would also provide a wealth of information to the general readership as well.” (Naeem Salik, Senior Fellow, Center for International Strategic Studies, Pakistan)

“…an important and timely intervention to offer a regional nonproliferation model that could bring the two non-NPT states into the mainstream nonproliferation regime. Persuasive, articulate and prescient, this makes for a vital read.” (Adrian Levy, journalist, UK, and co-author of The Exile: The Flight of Osama Bin laden)
Offers a South Asian perspective with a focus on Pakistan and India’s security imperatives that continue to shape their nuclear choices

Provides a detailed account of NPT based global nonproliferation regime and identifies contemporary challenges

Explores why global nonproliferation and disarmament efforts have not been able to achieve the intended objectives

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Springer International Publishing
Adil Sultan is Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Science and Security Studies (CSSS), Department of War Studies, King’s College London, UK. He has worked for over 13 years on nuclear arms control issues at Pakistan’s Strategic Plans Division (SPD).

"This book and the framework it pronounces are solid and viable. The more India and Pakistan mend fences, the chances of its implementation will increase. Sultan's study has made an important contribution in nonproliferation-related literature. The study's main conclusions are instructive for practitioners and scholars alike. It also throws more research puzzles for South Asian watchers." (Syed Ali Zia Jaffery, pakistanpolitico.com, 15 January, 2019)
1st ed. 2019


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