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Metastatic disease is the most lethal aspect of human malignancies, making the understanding and continued research of the process of metastasis a crucial step in treating cancer. The proposed book, entitled "Experimental and Clinical Metastasis: A Comprehensive Review" aims to provide a clear and extensive review of the clinical and experimental implications of metastatic disease. This work focuses on recent contributions to the field of metastasis, and will highlight crucial findings in the molecular understanding of disseminated disease as well as standard and personalized medicine currently being investigated in the clinic. Topics will include, among many, gene properties of metastatic cells, molecular mechanisms of tumour growth and spread, animal models of metastasis, and clinical implications, markers and treatment for metastatic disease. With the participation of worldwide experts in the field of oncology, from major academic and government centres, this book will provide a leading manual for the study of the metastatic process, from benchside science to bedside care. In this light, the proposed book will facilitate classroom learning for both medical and graduate students, as well as serve as a tool for physicians and researchers interested in the metastatic process. In addition, this book will include the latest advances in basic science as well as leading technologies and theories of targeting metastatic cells. Most importantly, not only will basic and clinical aspects be discussed, but furthermore, the translational aspect of research in metastatic diseases will be emphasized.


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Herausgeber Miguel N Burnier


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Experimental and Clinical Metastasis

A Comprehensive Review

Julia V. Burnier

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