Advances in Network Electrophysiology - Using Multi-Electrode Arrays

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Springer US Advances in Network Electrophysiology - Using Multi-Electrode Arrays
Springer US - Advances in Network Electrophysiology - Using Multi-Electrode Arrays

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Advances in Network Electrophysiology: Using Multi Electrode Arrays explores methods for using electrophysiological techniques for monitoring the concurrent activity of ensembles of single neurons. It reviews the recent progress in both electronics and computational tools developed to analyze the functional operations of large ensembles of neurons using multi-electrode arrays and in vitro preparations. In addition, it gives readers a sense of the applications made possible by these technological tools. This volume is the reference for researchers, industry, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows in all areas of neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, pharmaceutical science, and bioengineering.

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XVII, 478 p.
Development of MEA for Cells, Acute Slices, and Cultured Tissues.- A History of MEA Development.- On Micro-Electrode Array Revival: Its Development, Sophistication of Recording, and Stimulation.- Multi-Electrode Arrays: Enhancing Traditional Methods and Enabling Network Physiology.- Development of 3-D Multi-Electrode Arrays for Use with Acute Tissue Slices.- Electrophysiological Monitoring of Hippocampal Slice Cultures Using MEA on Porous Membrane.- Mapping Spatio-Temporal Electrophysiological Activity in Hippocampal Slices with Conformal Planar Multi-Electrode Arrays.- Pattern Technologies for Structuring Neuronal Networks on MEAs.- MEA Applications: Dissociated Cell Cultures.- Emerging Histiotypic Properties of Cultured Neuronal Networks.- Closing the Loop: Stimulation Feedback Systems for Embodied MEA Cultures.- Emerging Network Activity in Dissociated Cultures of Neocortex: Novel Electrophysiological Protocols and Mathematical Modeling.- Analysis of Cardiac Myocyte Activity Dynamics with Micro-Electrode Arrays.- MEA Applications: Acute/Cultured Slices.- A Hippocampal-Based Biosensor for Neurotoxins Detection and Classification Using a Novel Short-Term Plasticity Quantification Method.- The Retinasensor: An In Vitro Tool to Study Drug Effects on Retinal Signaling.- Chronic Alcohol Effects on Hippocampal Neuronal Networks.- Applications of Multi-Electrode Array System in Drug Discovery Using Acute and Cultured Hippocampal Slices.- Rhythm Generation in Spinal Cultures: Is It the Neuron or the Network?.- Monitoring the Clock Neuron’s Tick: Circadian Rhythm Analysis Using a Multi-Electrode Array Dish.- Investigation of Network Phenomena in Hippocampal Slices Using Multi-Electrode Recording Arrays.- Exploring Fast Hippocampal Network Oscillations: Combining Multi-Electrode Recordings with Optical Imaging and Patch-Clamp Techniques.
Taketani, Makoto;Taketani
Baudry, Michel;Baudry
Four-color line drawings and half-tones throughout the book

Clearly illustrate for the reader the use of electrophysiological techniques for montioring the concurrent activity of ensembles of single neurons

Includes supplementary material:

Springer US
Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2006


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