Shell and Spatial Structures: Computational Aspects - Proceedings of the International Symposium July 1986, Leuven, Belgium

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Springer Berlin Shell and Spatial Structures: Computational Aspects - Proceedings of the International Symposium July 1986, Leuven, Belgium
Springer Berlin - Shell and Spatial Structures: Computational Aspects - Proceedings of the International Symposium July 1986, Leuven, Belgium

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In recent years powerful engineering workstations for a reasonable price become a valuable tool for the design of complicated constructions such as shell and spatial structures. This availability causes an increasing use of advanced numerical techniques for the static and dynamic analysis of these structures, also in the non-linear range. The I.A.S.S. Working Group nO 13 concerned with "Numerical Methods in Shell and Spatial Structures" and the Department of Civil Engineering of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven have taken the initiative to organise an International Symposium, providing a forum for discussion and exchange of views between researchers, specialists in numerical analysis on one hand and designers, practising engineer ings on the other hand. These Proceedings contain the papers presented at the Symposium, held in Leuven, July 14-16 1986. The papers are organised in five sections 1. Shell structures 2. Spatial structures 3. Dynamic analysis 4. Non-linear analysis 5. Presentation and interpretation of results The papers covering more than one domain are classified following the main subject. We hope that researchers as well as practising engineers will find a lot of useful information in the book.

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VIII, 490 p. 30 illus.
Shell Structures.- Different methods of numerical analysis of shells.- Some finite element methods for linear thin shell problems.- Computer aided design of shell structures.- Direct integration of elastic thin shallow shell’s governing equations and lower order method.- Applications of axisymmetric thin shell finite elements to the analysis of a radiating flexural shell sonar transducer.- Finite element analysis of cylindrical shells under concentrated loading.- A curved stiffener element for shell structures of general geometry.- Membrane stresses in hyperbolic paraboloid sectorial shell with cantilevered free edge.- Approximate analysis of saddle Cable Net Roofs.- Solutions of the equations of the unified approach in the analysis of wall beams, plates, arches and shells.- Bond slip equations of reinforced concrete shells.- Spatial Structures.- Analysis methods for spatial structures.- Analysis of large scale space frames by minimization of total potential energy.- Influence of Boundary conditions upon stress distribution in single-layer diagonal grids.- Extensible cable network analysis through a nonlinear optimization code.- Practical formex analysis of space structures.- Traglast und Formänderung von Raumfachwerkplatten in anschaulicher Näherung.- Dynamic analysis.- Practical dynamic analysis of translational shells.- Dynamic experiments and earthquake observation of reticulated single-layer domes.- Atmospheric turbulence and its consequences on the dynamic behaviour of shell structures.- Numerical analysis of concrete pedestal of antenna building at Lessive, Belgium.- On the nonlinear behaviour of R/C frame structures under seismic loads.- Dynamic analysis of liquid filled tanks including plasticity and fluid interaction — Earthquake effects.- Static and dynamic analysis of tensegrity systems.- Non-linear analysis.- Stability of thin-walled beams. A general theory.- Geometrically and phisically non-linear analysis of plane frames sensitive to imperfections.- Numerical analysis in the vicinity of critical points by the generalized inverse.- Nonlinear computation of a barrel vault.- A finite element model for the nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete shell structures.- The behaviour of a steel cylinder under the influence of a local load in the elastic and elasto-plastic area.- Large displacement analysis of thin shells.- Nonlinear analysis of tension fabric structure.- Non linear analysis with model investigation of buried pipelines.- An unconventional class of elements for nonlinear shell analysis.- Shakedown and limit analysis of shells — A variational and numerical approach.- Displacement fields and large deformation analysis of 3-D beams.- Presentation and interpretation of results.- An algorithm for graphical computer results in shells.- Analysis of shell structures on microcomputers.- Using microcomputers for the interactive generating of spatial meshes and results evaluation.- The use of a CAD-system for pre- and postprocessing of finite element calculations.- Mathematical model for calculation of rebuild of R/C mushroom slab.- Design and analysis of the Winter Garden in New York City.- Experimental and numerical verification of the structural behaviour of a foamed hyperbolic paraboloid shell.- Numerical analysis of tensile structures with minimum surface based on survey of soap film models.
De Roeck, Guido;De Roeck
Samartin Quiroga, Avelino;Samartin Quiroga
Van Laethem, Marcel A.V.A.;Van Laethem
Backx, Edgard;Backx
Springer Berlin
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1987


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