The Antarctic Silverfish: a Keystone Species in a Changing Ecosystem

von Springer International Publishing
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Springer International Publishing The Antarctic Silverfish: a Keystone Species in a Changing Ecosystem
Springer International Publishing - The Antarctic Silverfish: a Keystone Species in a Changing Ecosystem

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This book encompasses the body of available scientific information on the notothenioid fish Pleuragramma antarctica commonly known as Antarctic silverfish. This plankton-feeder of the intermediate trophic level is the most abundant fish in the coastal regions of high Antarctica, and plays a pivotal ecological role as the main prey of top predators like seals, penguins, whales and Antarctic toothfish. Broad circum-polar distribution, a key role in the Antarctic shelf pelagic ecosystem, and adaptations makes understanding the species’ likely response to environmental change relevant to foresee the potential responses at the local ecosystem level. Additionally, a detailed understanding of the abundance and trophic interactions of such a dominant keystone species is a vital element of informing the development of marine spatial planning and marine protected areas in the Antarctic continental shelf region.

Experts in the field provide here unique insights into the evolutionary adaptation, eco-physiology, trophic ecology, reproductive and population ecology of the Antarctic silverfish and provide new clues about its vulnerability in facing the challenges of the ongoing environmental changes.

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XV, 314 p. 67 illus., 41 illus. in color.
Section I: Evolution and adaptationsChapter 1. Evolution reshaped life for the water column: the skeleton of the Antarctic silverfish Pleuragramma antarctica (Boulenger 1902)Olga Voskoboinikova, H. William Detrich III, R. Craig Albertson, John H. Postlethwait, Laura Ghigliotti, Eva Pisano
Chapter 2. Coping with ice: Freeze avoidance in the Antarctic silverfish (Pleuragramma antarctica) from egg to adultClive Evans, Art DeVries
Chapter 3. The unique haemoglobin system of migratory Pleuragramma antarctica: correlation of haematological and biochemical adaptations with mode of lifeGuido di Prisco, Cinzia Verde
Chapter 4. Pro-oxidant challenges and antioxidant adaptation of Pleuragramma antarctica in platelet iceMaura Benedetti, Maria Elisa Giuliani, Francesco Regoli
Section II: Ecology and life historyChapter 5. Diet and trophic ecology of adult Antarctic silverfish (Pleuragramma antarctica)Matthew H. Pinkerton
Chapter 6. Trophic ecology of early developmental stages of Antarctic silverfishEric Tavernier and Carolina Giraldo
Chapter 7. The role of lipids in the life history of the Antarctic silverfish Pleuragramma antarcticaWilhelm Hagen and Gerhard Kattner
Chapter 8. Energetics of the Antarctic silverfish, Pleuragramma  antarctica, from the Western Antarctic PeninsulaEloy Martinez, Joseph J Torres
Chapter 9. Reproductive strategies of the Antarctic silverfish: known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknownsLaura Ghigliotti, Volodymyr Herasymchuk, Karl-Herman Kock, Marino Vacchi
Chapter 10. Population structure and life history connectivity of Antarctic silverfish (Pleuragramma antarctica) in the Southern Ocean ecosystemJulian Ashford, Lorenzo Zane, Joseph Torres, Mario La Mesa, Alexander Simms
Section III: Challenges and conservation perspectivesChapter 11. Acoustic methods of monitoring silverfish distribution and abundanceRichard L. O'Driscoll, Iole Leonori, Andrea De Felice, and Gavin J. Macaulay
Chapter 12. Impact of climate change on the Antarctic silverfish and its consequences for the Antarctic ecosystemKatja Mintenbeck and Joseph J Torres
Chapter 13. Conservation and management of the Antarctic silverfish  Pleuragramma antarctica populations and habitatsPhilippe Koubbi, Grant Susie, David Ramm, Marino Vacchi, Laura Ghigliotti, Eva Pisano
Vacchi, Marino;Vacchi
Pisano, Eva;Pisano
Ghigliotti, Laura;Ghigliotti
Advances the knowledge of coastal Antarctic ecosystems

Provides a unique insight into the ecological role of Antarctic silverfish

Describes the transition of the silverfish from benthic habits to the pelagic realm

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Springer International Publishing
1st ed. 2017


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