Of Ants and Men - The Unexpected Side Effects of Complexity in Society

von David G. Green
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David G. Green Of Ants and Men - The Unexpected Side Effects of Complexity in Society
David G. Green - Of Ants and Men - The Unexpected Side Effects of Complexity in Society

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Why do things go wrong? Why, despite all the planning and care in the world, do things go from bad to worse? This book argues that it is because we are like the ants. Just as ants create an anthill without being aware of it, unintended side effects of human activity create all manner of social trends and crises. The book traces the way these trends emerge and the role they play in some of the major issues of our time. One of the greatest challenges today is the complexity of our social and economic systems. Every action has side effects that people often ignore or fail to see. The book examines the ways in which limitations in our thinking and behaviour lead to unintended side effects. It looks at the role played by complex networks of interactions. Finally, it looks at the way side effects of new technologies, especially computers and communication, have created an Information Revolution, the full repercussions of which are yet to be seen. In our race to create new technologies and sustain indefinite economic growth, we are at best dimly aware of the ways in which we are transforming society and threatening our environment.


David G. Green

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XI, 271 p. 29 illus.
From Bad to Worse.- Of Ants and Men.- A Tangled Web.- The Eye of the Beholder.- The Animal Within.- More things in heaven and earth.- The Sting in the Tail.- Divide and Rule.- One thing leads to another.- The Snowball Effect.- A Deadly Cascade.- Collateral damage.- The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back.- The Herd Instinct.- The Subatomic Family.- The Global Village.- The Root of All Evil.- Fouling the Nest.- Shaping the Future.
Fascinating popular book on how complexity affects society and people relates our growing knowledge of complexity in a social context to events in people’s everyday lives

Provides the reader with a totally new perspective of his daily routines and life and why we often do things without realizing the consequences

Includes supplementary material: sn.pub/extras

Springer Berlin
About the author

David Green is Professor of Information Technology at Monash University. He is internationally well-known for his research on complexity, especially the fundamental role played by networks. In the course of thirty-five years of research he has investigated the problems posed by complexity in fields as diverse as forest ecology, proteins and social networks. An early pioneer of the World Wide Web as a distributed information resource, he also contributed to national and international efforts to create comprehensive information resources about the world's biodiversity and environments. His other recent books include Complexity in Landscape Ecology and Dual Phase Evolution.

Competitive literature

Understanding social complexity is a huge challenge. The past decade has seen a host of books that begin to tackle the problem, each tackling some aspect of the problem. Examples include: The Tipping Point (Gladwell); Black Swans (Talleb); The Singularity Is Near (Kurzweil); The Wisdom of Crowds (Surowiecki); A Short History of Progress (Wright); Faster (Gleick) and Critical Mass (Ball). Each of these books deals with slices of the problem. Of Ants and Men shows how all of these issues fits into the emerging bigger picture of social complexity.



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