Child Sexual Abuse, Exploitation and Trafficking in the Arab Region

von Bernard Gerbaka
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Bernard Gerbaka Child Sexual Abuse, Exploitation and Trafficking in the Arab Region
Bernard Gerbaka - Child Sexual Abuse, Exploitation and Trafficking in the Arab Region

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This book presents and brings together research on child sexual abuse from various countries and cultures in the Arab Region. It addresses the multiple types of Child Sexual Abuse Exploitation and Trafficking (CSAET) and responds to the expanding burden of its diverse presentations. The book identifies appropriate structures for efficient programs that are to be accepted and developed by diverse cultures in the region, in order to develop an action plan to combat sexual violence against children. It studies the gathered to date child sexual abuse protection systems in the Arab region, covering issues such as children’s rights, challenges of protection and advocates for peaceful, safe, healthy and happy environments for children and their families.


Bernard Gerbaka
Sami Richa
Roland Tomb

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XVII, 432 p. 23 illus.
Chapter 1. Objectives of the present book.- Chapter 2. Introduction.- Chapter 3. The Rationale.- Chapter 4. Background of the book.- Chapter 5. The Settings within Lebanon.- Chapter 5. The Settings within Lebanon.- Chapter 7. The value of research.- Chapter 8. The prohibition of violence in the laws of Arab Countries.- Chapter 9. The definitions and their consequences.- Chapter 10. The impacts and Consequences of CSA.- Chapter 11. Commercial sexual exploitation of children and Trafficking.- Chapter 12. Female genital mutilation / female cutting/ female circumcision.- Chapter 13. Honor killings and crimes; familial and tribal homicide.- Chapter 14. Early and forced marriage.- Chapter 15. Sexual Violence.- Chapter 16. Violence in armed conflicts and Natural disasters: A link to CSAET.- Chapter 17. Principles and Practices in Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.
Brings togethers research on Child Sexual Abuse from various countries and cultures in the Arab Region

Provides a road map on an Arab vision of the future steps of children protection from Child Sexual Abuse Exploitation and Trafficking

Presents a background for the situation of Rights of the Child in the Arab region, in terms of child protection from Child Sexual Abuse Exploitation and Trafficking

Springer International Publishing
Bernard Gerbaka is the president of the Lebanese Institute for Child Rights and former president of the Lebanese Union for Child Protection and Vice-President of the University Child and Youth Observatory in Lebanon. He published on child health, child injuries, child safety, child abuse, violence against children and child protection. Within the child protection network in the Arab region, Bernard GERBAKA founded, with colleagues form the Arab region, the Arab professional network for the prevention of CAN (2004), the Arab professional society for the prevention of violence against children (2012) and was elected within the board of the International society for the prevention of CAN (2008-2014 and 2014-2020) where he chaired the TCER (Training, consultation and external relations, and was elected President of ISPCAN for the period 2016-2018, Bernard GERBAKA also worked in the data collection working group (WGDCCM, ISPCAN) and the RAP committee of Child helpline international. 
Sami Richa is Assosiate professor in the department of psychiatry at Saint-Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon. His international experience includes various programs, contributions and participation in different countries for diverse fields of study.  His research interests reflect in his wide range of publications in various national and international journals. 
Roland Tomb is Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Saint Joseph University in Beirut. Professor of medicine, and practitioner at the Hôtel-Dieu de France University Hospital, he is the author of several hundred medical publications.  He is also Head of the Department of Dermatology and STI  at both Saint Joseph University and Hotel-Dieu Hospital. Roland Tomb holds  the Chair of Bioethics and he is vice-president of the International Bioethics Committee at UNESCO in Paris. He pursued studies in theology, ancient Semitic languages and holds a PhD in philosophy and ethics.
1st ed. 2021


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