ISBN Romeo and Juliet: Arden Performance Editions Buch Theater Taschenbuch Englisch 360 Seiten

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ISBN ISBN Romeo and Juliet: Arden Performance Editions Buch Theater Taschenbuch Englisch 360 Seiten
ISBN - ISBN Romeo and Juliet: Arden Performance Editions Buch Theater Taschenbuch Englisch 360 Seiten

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In the heat of renaissance Italy two houses are at war. One son and one daughter from the opposing families break this bitter conflict by falling in love. Yet, in this whirlwind of enmity, Romeo and Juliet's passion agitates rather than unites the clashing houses, causing a trail of destruction. Locked in a burning embrace, the two young lovers are tragically doomed to live or die together.

For the first time, the world-renowned Arden Shakespeare is producing Performance Editions, aimed specifically for use in the rehearsal room. Published in association with the Shakespeare Institute, the text features easily accessible facing page notes - including short definitions of words, key textual variants, and guidance on metre and pronunciation; a larger font size for easier reading; space for writing notes and reduced punctuation aimed at the actor rather than the reader. With editorial expertise from the worlds of theatre and academia, the series has been developed in association with actors and drama students. The Series Editors are distinguished scholars Professor Michael Dobson and Dr Abigail Rokison-Woodall and leading Shakespearean actor, Simon Russell Beale.


A series that reboots the way Shakespeare's plays are printed . I quickly came to love having notes at the same eye level as the text to which they relate. It's significantly quicker and easier to glance to the right to get a meaning, than to constantly look up and down between text and a dense pile of notes on the bottom of the page. With these books, even note-dependent reading can continue virtually uninterrupted, making them ideal for following a recorded performance or reading aloud . Although the books in this series were created for actors and directors, their sheer vivacity and user-friendliness makes them ideal for students and teachers too. They add just enough information to bring the language to life without getting bogged down in details. MidLifeLit


A unique annotated edition designed for use in the rehearsal room - for actors and directors


Autor William Shakespeare


Merkmale ISBN Romeo and Juliet: Arden Performance Editions. Genre: Theater, Bucheinband-Typ: Taschenbuch, Unterstützte Sprachen: Englisch. Breite: 138 mm, Höhe: 216 mm. Mindest Bestellungsanzahl: 1 Stück(e)



GTIN 09781474280143

Erscheinungsdatum 27.12.2018

Sprache Englisch

Seitenanzahl 360

Produkttyp Taschenbuch

Größe 216 x 138 x 19  mm

Produktgewicht 444 g

Herstellernummer 9781474280143

CHF 11.30
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