ISBN God Help the Child Buch Fiktion Taschenbuch Englisch 192 Seiten

A Novel
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ISBN ISBN God Help the Child Buch Fiktion Taschenbuch Englisch 192 Seiten
ISBN - ISBN God Help the Child Buch Fiktion Taschenbuch Englisch 192 Seiten

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A fiery and provocative novel, God Help the Child weaves a tale about the way the sufferings of childhood can shape, and misshape, the life of the adult. 

At the center: a young woman who calls herself Bride, whose stunning blue-black skin is only one element of her beauty, her boldness and confidence, her success in life, but which caused her light-skinned mother to deny her even the simplest forms of love. There is Booker, the man Bride loves, and loses to anger. Rain, the mysterious white child with whom she crosses paths. And finally, Bride s mother herself, Sweetness, who takes a lifetime to come to understand that what you do to children matters. And they might never forget.         

New York Times Notable Book

One of the Best Books of the Year: San Francisco ChronicleSt. Louis Post-DispatchKansas City Star


Powerful. . . . A tale that is as forceful as it is affecting, as fierce as it is resonant. Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

A tragicomic jazz opera played out in four parts. . . . Morrison makes art from the cadences of human heartbreak. The Atlantic

Beautiful. . . . God Help the Child is superb, its story gliding along the tracks of Morrison s utterly assured prose. USA Today

Unflinching, gorgeously written. San Francisco Chronicle

Magnificent. . . . Morrison remains an incredibly powerful writer who commands attention no matter the story she is telling. The Guardian (London)

Sly, savage, honest, and elegant. . . . Once again, Morrison thrillingly brings the storytelling moxie and mojo that make her, arguably, our greatest living novelist. Elle

Exquisite. . . . Morrison has a Shakespearean sense of tragedy, and that gift imbues God Help the Child. Newsday

The Nobel Prize winner continues to create beauty from the anger and defining wounds of her characters. . . . Bears a lifetime s worth of anger and sorrow, distilled to their essences and fiercely hung onto, tooth and claw. The Christian Science Monitor

Glorious and incendiary. The Philadelphia Inquirer

There is a new urgency to Morrison s work, a desire to tell the story itself, without embellishment or ornamentation. . . . Morrison [is] the undisputed interpreter of the American black experience. The Boston Globe

Morrison gives us an unflinching look at the wounds that adults can inflict on children with life-altering consequences. . . . Few authors can deliver exquisitely written prose as Morrison.

Haunting. . . . Moving. . . . Fearless. . . . God Help the Child yet again proves that Toni Morrison is an icon. Bustle

Both timely and timeless. . . . A pleasure. . . . As she shows with such brevity and eloquence in God Help the Child, having and healing don t necessarily happen at the same time. The Seattle Times

A book to be read twice at a minimum the first time for the story, and the second time to savor the language, the gems of phrasing and the uncomfortable revelations about the human capacity both to love and destroy. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Breathtaking prose. . . . A new Morrison book is always cause for celebration. The Dallas Morning News

We have stepped into, once again, another of Morrison s fertile landscapes. . . . It is a blessing that she still speaks with such salvific force and poetic grace. The Plain Dealer

Heartbreaking. . . . [Morrison] continues to dazzle. . . . Morrison like Bride is still reinventing herself as a writer. And just getting better. St. Louis Post-Dispatch




t s not my fault. So you can t blame me. I didn t do it and have no idea how it happened. It didn t take more than an hour after they pulled her out from between my legs to realize something was wrong. Really wrong. She was so black she scared me. Midnight black, Sudanese black. I m light-skinned, with good hair, what we call high yellow, and so is Lula Ann s father. Ain t nobody in my family anywhere near that color. Tar is the closest I can think of yet her hair don t go with the skin. It s different straight but curly like those naked tribes in Australia. You might think she s a throwback, but throwback to what? You should ve seen my grandmother; she passed for white and never said another word to any one of her children. Any letter she got from my mother or my aunts she sent right back, unopened. Finally they got the message of no message and let her be. Almost all mulatto types and quadroons did that back in the day if they had the right kind of hair, that is. Can you imagine how many white folks have Negro blood running and hiding in their veins? Guess. Twenty percent, I heard. My own mother, Lula Mae, could have passed easy, but she chose not to. She told me the price she paid for that decision. When she and my father went to the courthouse to get married there were two Bibles and they had to put their hands on the one reserved for Negroes. The other one was for white people s hands. The Bible! Can you beat it? My mother was housekeeper for a rich white couple. They ate every meal she cooked and insisted she scrub their backs while they sat in the tub and God knows what other intimate things they made her do, but no touching of the same Bible.

Some of you probably think it s a bad thing to group ourselves according to skin color the lighter, the better in social clubs, neighborhoods, churches, sororities, even colored schools. But how else can we hold on to a little dignity? How else can you avoid being spit on in a drugstore, shoving elbows at the bus stop, walking in the gutter to let whites have the whole sidewalk, charged a nickel at the grocer s for a paper bag that s free to white shoppers? Let alone all the name-calling. I heard about all of that and much, much more. But because of my mother s skin color, she wasn t stopped from trying on hats in the department stores or using their ladies room. And my father could try on shoes in the front part of the shoestore, not in a back room. Neither one would let themselves drink from a colored only fountain even if they were dying of thirst.

I hate to say it, but from the very beginning in the maternity ward the baby, Lula Ann, embarrassed me. Her birth skin was pale like all babies , even African ones, but it changed fast. I thought I was going crazy when she turned blue-black right before my eyes. I know I went crazy for a minute because once just for a few seconds I held a blanket over her face and pressed. But I couldn t do that, no matter how much I wished she hadn t been born with that terrible color. I even thought of giving her away to an orphanage someplace. And I was scared to be one of those mothers who put their babies on church steps. Recently I heard about a couple in Germany, white as snow, who had a dark-skinned baby nobody could explain. Twins, I believe one white, one colored. But I don t know if it s true. All I know is that for me, nursing her was like having a pickaninny sucking my teat. I went to bottle-feeding soon as I got home.

My husband, Louis, is a porter and when he got back off the rails he looked at me like I really was crazy and looked at her like she was from the planet Jupiter. He wasn t a cussing man so when he said, Goddamn! What the hell is this?


Autor Toni Morrison


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