Identity-Based Encryption

von Sanjit Chatterjee
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Sanjit Chatterjee Identity-Based Encryption
Sanjit Chatterjee - Identity-Based Encryption

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Identity Based Encryption (IBE) is a type of public key encryption and has been intensely researched in the past decade. Identity-Based Encryption summarizes the available research for IBE and the main ideas that would enable users to pursue further work in this area. This book will also cover a brief background on Elliptic Curves and Pairings, security against chosen Cipher text Attacks, standards and more. Advanced-level students in computer science and mathematics who specialize in cryptology, and the general community of researchers in the area of cryptology and data security will find Identity-Based Encryption a useful book. Practitioners and engineers who work with real-world IBE schemes and need a proper understanding of the basic IBE techniques, will also find this book a valuable asset.


Sanjit Chatterjee
Palash Sarkar

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Practitioners and engineers who have to implement real-world IBE schemes, and need a proper understanding of the basic IBE techniques, will find this book a valuable asset

Covers Elliptic Curves and Pairings, obtaining security against chosen Ciphertext Attacks, standards and more

Peter Wild, Editor and Chief of Springer’s Journal Designs Codes and Cryptography, remarks “This is a very active area, and it would be useful to have a reference text and to provide a common basis for the study of these systems. This would be a pioneering contribution in book form.”

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From the reviews:

"The book gives an overview of the most important Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) schemes. ... For most of the considered IBE methods the authors provide also proofs of security reductions. The book has an extensive bibliography and can be used as an introduction to IBE in post-graduate courses." (Jaak Henno, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1218, 2011)

"This book addresses a variety of approaches to identity-based encryption (IBE), along with their constructions and security aspects. ... The book could also serve as a textbook for a course on IBE. For new researchers, the book is a good survey of IBE. Professionals who are trying to design an encryption solution will find it to be a good source on the underlying mathematics." (Maulik A. Dave, ACM Computing Reviews, July, 2012)


This form of public key encryption has been the subject of intense research in recent years. Summarizing the literature on IBE, this volume covers ideas that could spark further research as well as background on subjects such as elliptic curves and pairings.


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