Sets, Logic and Maths for Computing

von David Makinson
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David Makinson Sets, Logic and Maths for Computing
David Makinson - Sets, Logic and Maths for Computing

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This easy-to-understand textbook introduces the mathematical language and problem-solving tools essential to anyone wishing to enter the world of computer and information sciences. Specifically designed for the student who is intimidated by mathematics, the book offers a concise treatment in an engaging style.

The thoroughly revised third edition features a new chapter on relevance-sensitivity in logical reasoning and many additional explanations on points that students find puzzling, including the rationale for various shorthand ways of speaking and ‘abuses of language’ that are convenient but can give rise to misunderstandings. Solutions are now also provided for all exercises.

Topics and features: presents an intuitive approach, emphasizing how finite mathematics supplies a valuable language for thinking about computation; discusses sets and the mathematical objects built with them, such as relations and functions, as well as recursion and induction; introduces core topics of mathematics, including combinatorics and finite probability, along with the structures known as trees; examines propositional and quantificational logic, how to build complex proofs from simple ones, and how to ensure relevance in logic; addresses questions that students find puzzling but may have difficulty articulating, through entertaining conversations between Alice and the Mad Hatter; provides an extensive set of solved exercises throughout the text.

This clearly-written textbook offers invaluable guidance to students beginning an undergraduate degree in computer science. The coverage is also suitable for courses on formal methods offered to those studying mathematics, philosophy, linguistics, economics, and political science. Assuming only minimal mathematical background, it is ideal for both the classroom and independent study.


David Makinson

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Presents a careful selection of the material most needed by students in their first two years studying computer science

Emphasizes the interplay between qualitative thinking and calculation, while requiring only a minimal background in mathematics

Teaches the material as a language for thinking in, as much as knowledge to be gained

Fully updated and expanded new edition featuring more exercises (and more solutions), and an entirely new chapter on relevance in logic

Springer International Publishing

Dr. David Makinson has taught courses related to the material of this book at the American University of Beirut, King’s College London and, in recent years, the London School of Economics, UK.

This easy-to-follow book introduces the mathematical language, knowledge and problem-solving skills needed for the study of computing. The language is both qualitative and quantitative, and includes basic notions of logic used for representation and proof.


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