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A keepsake collection of Lord John Grey's shorter adventures and a spectacular addition to any Gabaldon fan's library, Lord John and the Hand of the Devils brings these three unique novellas together for the first time.

Lord John and the Hellfire Club marks the first appearance of Lord John outside the Outlander novels (and chronologically precedes the novel Lord John and the Private Matter). A young diplomat is killed in the street as he begs Lord John for help. Witnessing the murder, Grey vows to avenge the young man, as the trail leads to the notorious Hellfire Club and the dark caves beneath Medmenham Abbey

In Lord John and the Succubus, Grey's assignment as liaison to a Hanoverian regiment in Germany finds him caught between two threats: the advancing French and Austrian army, and the menace of a mysterious 'night-hag,' who spreads fear and death among the troops. Acknowledging that he is unlikely to fall victim to a succubus, Lord John is obliged to contend with the marauding night-hag before the enemy arrives. This tale with a touch of the supernatural bridges the action between Gabaldon's two full-length Lord John tales.

Finally, in Lord John and the Haunted Soldier, Lord John is called to the Arsenal at Woolwich to answer a Royal Commission of Enquiry's questions regarding a cannon that exploded during the battle of Krefeld (a central action in Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade). Accusations ensue, and Lord John finds himself knee-deep in a morass of gunpowder, treason, and plot -- haunted by a dead lieutenant, and followed by a man with no face.


"Marvellous... it is a large canvas that Gabaldon paints, filled with strong passions and derring-do" San Francisco Chronicle


Sweeping historical drama from the Top Ten Sunday Times bestselling author


Autor Diana Gabaldon

Biographie Diana Gabaldon

Diana Gabaldon war Honorarprofessorin für Tiefseebiologie und Zoologie an der Universität von Arizona, bevor sie sich hauptberuflich dem Schreiben widmete. Bereits ihr erster Roman Feuer und Stein" wurde international zu einem gigantischen Erfolg und führte dazu, dass Millionen von Lesern zu begeisterten Fans der Highland-Saga wurden.
Diana Gabaldon lebt mit Mann und drei Kindern in Scottsdale, Arizona.



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Lord John and the Hand of Devils

Diana Gabaldon

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