Greener and Scalable E-fuels for Decarbonization of Transport

von Springer Singapore
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Springer Singapore Greener and Scalable E-fuels for Decarbonization of Transport
Springer Singapore - Greener and Scalable E-fuels for Decarbonization of Transport

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This book highlights ways of using gaseous and liquid e-fuels like hydrogen (H₂), methane (CH₄), methanol (CH₃OH), DME (CH₃-O-CH₃), Ammonia (NH₃), synthetic petrol and diesel, etc in existing engines and their effects on tailpipe emissions. The contents also cover calibration and optimization procedure for adaptation of these fuels. the volume also discusses the economical aspect of these fuels. Chapters include recent results and are focused on current trends of automotive sector. This book will be of interest to those in academia and industry involved in fuels, IC engines, engine instrumentation, and environmental research.

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XV, 418 p. 225 illus., 183 illus. in color.
Introduction of Greener and Scalable E-fuels for Decarbonization of Transport.- Potential of E-Fuels for Decarbonization of Transport Sector.- A Historical Perspective on the Biofuel Policies in India.- Hydrogen as Maritime Transportation Fuel: A Pathway for Decarbonization.- Improving Cold Flow Properties of Biodiesel, and Hydrogen-biodiesel Dual-fuel Engine Aiming Near-zero Emissions.- Assessment of Hydrogen as an alternative fuel: Status, prospects, performance and emission characteristics.- Effectiveness of hydrogen and nanoparticles addition in eucalyptus biofuel for improving the performance and reduction of emission in CI engine.- The Roles of Hydrogen and Natural Gas as Biofuel Fuel-Additives towards Attaining Low Carbon Fuel-Systems and High Performing ICEs.
Agarwal, Avinash Kumar;Agarwal
Valera, Hardikk;Valera
Highlights various ways of using E-fuels in existing engines

Calibration for adaptation of E-fuels in existing engines

Economical perspective of E-fuels usage is discussed

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Springer Singapore
Prof. Avinash Kumar Agarwal: Prof. Avinash Kumar Agarwal joined IIT Kanpur in 2001. He worked at the Engine Research Center, UW@Madison, the USA as a Post-Doctoral Fellow (1999 – 2001). His interests are IC engines, combustion, alternate and conventional fuels, lubricating oil tribology, optical diagnostics, laser ignition, HCCI, emissions, and particulate control, 1D and 3D Simulations of engine processes, and large-bore engines. Prof. Agarwal has published 435+ peer-reviewed international journal and conference papers, 70 edited books, 92 books chapters, and 12200+ Scopus and 19000+ Google Scholar citations. He is the associate principal editor of FUEL. He has edited “Handbook of Combustion” (5 Volumes; 3168 pages), published by Wiley VCH, Germany. Prof. Agarwal is a Fellow of SAE (2012), Fellow of ASME (2013), Fellow of ISEES (2015), Fellow of INAE (2015), Fellow of NASI (2018), Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (2018), and a Fellow of American Association of Advancement in Science (2020). He is the recipient of several prestigious awards such as Clarivate Analytics India Citation Award-2017 in Engineering and Technology, NASI-Reliance Industries Platinum Jubilee Award-2012; INAE Silver Jubilee Young Engineer Award-2012; Dr. C. V. Raman Young Teachers Award: 2011; SAE Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award -2008; INSA Young Scientist Award-2007; UICT Young Scientist Award-2007; INAE Young Engineer Award-2005. Prof. Agarwal received Prestigious CSIR Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award-2016 in Engineering Sciences. Prof. Agarwal is conferred upon Sir J C Bose National Fellowship (2019) by SERB for his outstanding contributions. Prof. Agarwal was a highly cited researcher (2018) and was in the top ten HCR from India among 4000 HCR researchers globally in 22 fields of inquiry.
Mr. Hardikk Valera is pursuing PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK). He has completed his M.Tech and B.Tech from NIT Jalandhar (India) and Ganpat University, respectively. His research interests include methanol fuelled SI engines, methanol fuelled CI engines, optical diagnostics, fuel spray characterization and emission control from engines.
1st ed. 2022


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