Management of Heat Underground. Case Study of Deeps Section at Mopani Copper Mines Mufulira Mine Site

Health and Safety. Diplomarbeit
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Larry Malambo Management of Heat Underground. Case Study of Deeps Section at Mopani Copper Mines Mufulira Mine Site
Larry Malambo - Management of Heat Underground. Case Study of Deeps Section at Mopani Copper Mines Mufulira Mine Site

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Diploma Thesis from the year 2014 in the subject Engineering - Safety Engineering, , course: International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, language: English, abstract: The study was conducted at Mopani Copper Mines Plc, Mufulira mine site deeps section area. The assignment focused on the identification and assessment of the hazards related to the development activities at the deeps section. The particular activities therefore, included; face preparation, drilling, charging and timing, blasting, lashing and hoisting. The hazards and their current control measures that were thus identified included the following; dust, noise, Manual Handling, illumination, whole body vibration and heat. Of the listed hazards, heat was selected, assessed and discussed in details. The selection criteria were based on the exposure probability to the risk and its severity.

Furthermore, inadequate control measures coupled with limited knowledge of workers formed the justification basis for the selection of heat. The assessment reviewed adverse thermal conditions as proved by the temperature results from the different levels at deeps, all of which exceeded the occupation exposure limit of 31oC. Further, the capacity of the two air intakes delivered a total of 70m3/sec of air but the actual air which should go to deeps is 200m3/sec 100 from each air intake. Some control measures, however, were observed to have been put in place by Mopani management which included the installation of fans and the pre assessment of the working conditions by the Persons in Charge (PICs) prior to a day's work. Based on the survey findings, recommendations were made to the Mopani management to improve the engineering controls in particular intake and return airways and to minimize humidity through pumping out of accumulated water.

It was further suggested that the management should provide employees with adequate drinking water to replenish the amounts lost through sweating. This could be done by providing large containers strategically positioned where they could be readily accessed. Furthermore, it was suggested to the management to ensure that its workforce is adequately trained and educated on heat stress issues. It was estimated that in order to fully manage heat at deeps section, it would cost Mopani Copper Mines £32,550,000, a plan which would be implemented over a 1 year period.


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