The Narrative Game: The Reading of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest as Play

von Rainer Holl
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Rainer Holl The Narrative Game: The Reading of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest as Play
Rainer Holl - The Narrative Game: The Reading of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest as Play

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In 1996, David Foster Wallace published his second major novel 'Infinite Jest' that changed not only our understanding of what literature can do but, also the way we read literature. Despite its age, the book has not lost a single bit of its fascination, its actuality, and its academic appeal.

With its hundreds of characters, thousands of pages, hundreds of endnotes and myriads of different perspectives, sub-plots, and narrative digressions, 'Infinite Jest' was, and still is, an extraordinary challenge for its readers as well as literary critics.

One interesting question related to Wallace's work is to what extent readers are able to establish, and defend their own way of approaching literature, their natural reading habits, their personal boundaries, and their ‘readerly authority’ that are challenged by their discourse with the book. The author shows in how far the reader of 'Infinite Jest' has to get involved in this work of play, how it affects the way they read the book, and how the idiosyncratic reading experience finally becomes an integral part of the whole book itself.


Rainer Holl

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Rainer Holl was born in Neuwied in 1983. He studied American studies, information science, and applied literary, and cultural studies at the TU Dortmund. In 2012, he finished his master thesis that was also based on David Foster Wallace. Currently, he is working as a staff member at the American studies department at the TU Dortmund. His work is mainly related to American contemporary fiction, narratology, media studies, creative writing, and culture management.
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