Smart AD and DA Conversion

von Pieter Harpe
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Pieter Harpe Smart AD and DA Conversion
Pieter Harpe - Smart AD and DA Conversion

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The history of the application of semiconductors for controlling currents goes back all the way to 1926, in which Julius Lilienfeld led a patent for a “Method and apparatus for controlling electric currents” [1], which is considered the rst work on metal/semiconductor eld-effect transistors. More well-known is the work of William Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain in the 1940s [2, 3], after which the development of semiconductor devices commenced. In 1958, independent work from Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce ledto the invention of integrated circuits. A few milestones in IC design are the rst monolithic operational ampli er in 1963 (Fairchild?A702, Bob Widlar) and the rst o- chip 4-bit microprocessor in 1971 (Intel 4004). Ever since the start of the semiconductor history, integration plays an imp- tant role: starting from single devices, ICs with basic functions were developed (e. g. opamps, logic gates), followed by ICs that integrate larger parts of a s- tem (e. g. microprocessors, radio tuners, audio ampli ers). Following this trend of system integration, this eventually leads to the integration of analog and d- ital components in one chip, resulting in mixed-signal ICs: digital components are required because signal processing is preferably done in the digital - main; analog components are required because physical signals are analog by nature. Mixed-signal ICs are already widespread in many applications (e. g. - dio, video); for the future, it is expected that this trend will continue, leading to a larger scale of integration.


Pieter Harpe
Hans Hegt
Arthur H.M. van Roermund

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The feasibility of relevant smart AD and DA converter concepts to improve their performance is investigated. For both AD and DA converters, the following aspects are taken into account:

Selection of relevant smart concepts to improve the performance

Development and analysis of the selected smart concepts, including methods for detection, processing and correction

Implementation and evaluation of the selected smart concepts

Includes supplementary material:

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Springer Netherland
Smart AD and DA Converters investigates the feasibility of relevant converter concepts to improve performance overall. A braod range of trends and challenges in data converter design are studied, while a generalized view of smart conversion is introduced.


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