Wiley GAAP: Financial Statement Disclosures Manual

von Joanne M. Flood
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Joanne M. Flood Wiley GAAP: Financial Statement Disclosures Manual
Joanne M. Flood - Wiley GAAP: Financial Statement Disclosures Manual

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Streamline financial statement preparation with this cross-referenced guide
Financial Statement Disclosures Manual is a natural complement to Wiley GAAP, providing a complete set of tools for statement preparation. This useful reference is formatted in accordance with FASB Accounting Standards Codification(r) (ASC) schema, with information delineated as Presentation, Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue, Expenses, and Broad Transactions. When used with other Wiley GAAP resources, this arrangement helps users perform additional research and easily find more detailed information on requirements, with disclosures referenced to FASB's ASC. Explicit examples enable easy customization, streamlining the statement preparation process and potentially improving the effectiveness of disclosures with clear presentation of information that is most important to users.
Determining the correct wording and presentation formats for disclosures is a time consuming effort. Standards are continually updated, and the latest changes to revenue recognition impact virtually all financial statements. This book is a guide to enhanced disclosure as standardized by FASB, and works in conjunction with other Wiley GAAP products to provide a complete professional reference.
* Find specific GAAP codification and explanations quickly and easily
* Get up to speed on the latest developments and updates
* Follow references to relevant content in Wiley GAAP and the Disclosure Checklist
* Study expertly-prepared examples to understand GAAP applications
Enhanced disclosure requirements have come about in response to accounting scandals, the proliferation of complicated instruments, and the pressure toward transparency. Keeping abreast of the latest developments - and their applications and requirements - is an essential but time-consuming part of the accountant's role. Financial Statement Disclosures Manual simplifies statement preparation by providing complete disclosures information, cross-referenced to relevant GAAP information and tools.


Joanne M. Flood
Teresa C. Anderson

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John Wiley & Sons
Joanne Flood, CPA (New York, NY), is author of Wiley GAAP 2013 and Wiley Financial Statements Disclosure Checklist Online. Her experience includes 20 years at the AICPA managing, developing, and writing accounting and auditing training materials in a wide variety of media print, video and audio. She pioneered the AICPA's e-learning product line and developed the AICPA online IFRS Certificate Program. While in public accounting, she worked on major clients in retail, manufacturing, and finance and on small business clients in construction, manufacturing, and professional services.
Teresa Anderson, CPA, CMA, is a consultant on accounting technical topics for continuing professional education, CPA examination review materials and college courses in accounting. She was a Technical Manager for the AICPA in the Professional Development area where she developed custom training courses for corporate clients and was the Content Lead for the IFRS Certificate Program. She has worked as content manager for two CPA review courses. She taught graduate and undergraduate financial accounting courses for 15 years, as well as decision making theory in an executive MBA program for three years. Teresa received her Masters of Professional Accountancy and BBA degree in Economics from Georgia State University.
For accountants, determining the correct wording and presentation formats for disclosures is a time-consuming effort. Financial statement preparers look for examples that they can tailor to their own statements. This book provides users with a complete set of tools to prepare their statements.


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