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Come Home



There's no escape from your past... Jill had married William Skyler for all the right reasons: love and the hope that she was making a family for her daughter, as well as his two girls. But her husband's devastating betrayal ripped their marriage apart and she and Megan lost everything. Now, years later, her ex-stepdaughter Abby shows up on her doorstep drunk and distraught with the news of her father's death. But Abby is no longer the innocent girl Jill once knew...


Biographie Lisa Scottoline

Lisa Scottoline war für den U.S. Court of Appeals und in einer der großen Kanzleien Philadelphias als Rechtsanwältin tätig.

Sie gehört in den USA zu den großen Ladies of Crime und erhielt den Edgar Allen Poe Award - die begehrteste Auszeichnung für Kriminalromane in Amerika.


From the New York Times bestselling author of Save Me comes an explosive new novel about family and sacrifice