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The Danish Girl, Movie Tie-In

A Novel

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Biographie David Ebershoff

David Ebershoff, geb. 1969, in Pasadena, Kalifornien, studierte in Chicago und Tokio. Heute lebt er in New York wo er beim Verlag Random House tätig ist.


Copenhagen, 1925, the studio of American painter Greta Waud, anxious to put the finishing touches to her latest portrait. But her diva subject has cancelled yet another sitting - how is Greta ever going to get it done? A sudden glint in her eye, and she calls to her husband Elinar. And so, late on an April afternoon, in a hush of breath and a whisper of white silk, beautiful but tremulous, the Danish girl is born. With her comes a terrible confusion of tortured feelings, of guilty longings and searing fears - and the most ecstatic passion, the most tender love either has ever known.