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The Moon Dragons

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When a king discovers that there are still singing moon dragons high up on the mountainside, he offers a room full of gold to anyone who can bring one to him. The beautiful dancing dragons only reveal themselves to Alina, a young peasant girl, but she preserves the secret of their whereabouts, knowing that there are some things far more precious than a room full of gold.


Autor: Dyan Sheldon
Illustrator: Gary Blythe

Biographie Dyan Sheldon

Dyan Sheldon wurde in Brooklyn, New York, geboren und lebt in London und New York. Sie schreibt sowohl für Kinder als auch für Erwachsene und liebt Katzen.


Another breath-takingly beautiful masterpiece from the creators of the bestselling, Kate Greenaway Medal winner, The Whales' Song .


"A wonder to look at and a joy to read aloud." Wendy Cooling